Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday’s “uh what did we use to do all the time” – Well at least it ain’t raining

Friday won’t be much of a surf day (big surprise there).

We will have a mix of weak WNW windswell and some equally weak SSW background energy. Most spots will be around knee high…top spots may brush close to waist high+ on the best sets but like the last couple of days will remain on the gutless side.

Weather looks ok…mostly light N winds in the morning and then slightly building NW winds moving in through the afternoon.

I guess it might be rideable if you are completely desperate, and/or don’t mind surfing a longboard/SUP/just standing on the sand in your wetsuit mind-surfing. If someone was forcing me into the water against my will I would try and stick with the top breaks that always seem to have a few peaks…most everywhere else is going to be pretty (translation = very) small. San Diego may be a little more consistent than other areas but even though gas prices are a little more reasonable I wouldn’t waste any time or money driving down there.

Wish I had more for you guys but the long-range is looking pretty bleak…I am probably going to have to start looking at some travel destinations to see if I can hunt down some waves for us.

In the meantime I am going to just start posting a new section called "random crap I found on the interweb"

I don't know why but these things always make me laugh. It doesn't really matter what it is them...just the border makes me chuckle for some reason.


805 said...

So I love the big spider. Also what you think about next Friday surf wise, looks like a good sized NW coming are way and might hit SB or V very nicely. Any suggestions Adam?

Adam Wright said...

That low is starting to come together on the forecasts but weather looks like it could turn out to be a real pain in the ass as the swell arrives.

Hopefully we can get the storm to spin up enough waves while it is offshore and then have it go shaft NorCal/Oregon and leave us with swell and nice conditions.

I guess at this point I would say that I am "hopeful" but not really that excited yet.

Anonymous said...

torrey pines looked like one giant toilet bowl this morning. i have never seen the water look so crappy; brown, turdy, and very, very smelly. not good.