Monday, December 1, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Fading WNW swell buried in more fog

Tuesday will be another surf day. The swell is fading and we are going to have some more light but funky winds through the morning but there will still be enough energy that you should be able to pick off a few fun ones.

Swellwise we are going to have a mix of fading WNW swell (285-300 degrees, with a lot of the energy above the 290 mark). There will also be a touch of background S-SW swells from the Southern Hemi.

Most spots will be around waist-chest high with a few shoulder high sets at the better W facing spots and combo breaks.

The standout NW facing spots, mostly through Southern San Diego, will have consistent shoulder-head high surf with a few overhead sets through the morning before the high tide gets a solid grip.

Winds generally look ok...mostly light but with a variable onshore texture for most areas. The fog will continue to hang around too so look for cooler and breezier conditions as the banks shift around. Stupid fog. W winds will be onshore around 10-12+ knots for the afternoon. Here is a shot of the NWS winds but it doesn't do the variable fog texture much justice.

There will still be plenty of waves coming through from this swell but it won't be as punchy or consistent as it has been. If you surf try and stick to the NW facing spots that can handle a little more tide...these breaks will have more surfable shape longer compared to other spots. SD, southern SD in particular, will have the biggest and most consistent probably won't be worth driving thanks to the fog and the wind but if you are already in the area and like bigger waves that is going to be your best bet.

Here are the tides...have fun

12:58AM LST 3.3 H
04:22AM LST 3.0 L
10:32AM LST 4.9 H
06:37PM LST 0.3 L


Anonymous said...

San Diego was much smaller than I anticipated. I surfed Black's Sunday afternoon/evening and it was head high with a few foot or two overhead or so and made it to the Cliffs this evening and it was about head high - what happened?

Anonymous said...

hey adam where did dalybread surf today? His photos were sick from today you know that spot?

Adam Wright said...

Not sure on kaser's photos...but the winds were a little southy from the fog in HB so I expect it was someplace with bit of protection from the S winds.

As for the swell...well that was pretty much what I expected and had been writing in the forecasts. Lots of shoulder-head high waves at the average NW spots and the top NW facing ones in San Diego to have sets going 2-3' overhead on the bigger sets...sounds like that was about what you found as well.

The swell definitely didn't produce enough fetch in the most of the energy was a bit too NW for most spots. A lot was running in the 295-300+ degree range, with some smaller components of energy that was more westerly (280-295). The steeper energy really narrowed down the list of spots (mostly parts of Ventura and Southern SD/Northern Baja) that could pull in that swell.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling ya. Should've been at IB. Just check the water conditions. If it's clean, there's almost no better spot in SoCal.