Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday's Surf - More Swamp Thing

Thursday will be surfable but we are going to have to wait for the morning high tide to drain out...and it is going to be pretty small after it does.

There isn't a ton of swell in the water...we have some leftover WNW energy and some new but not very consistent SSW swell from the Southern Hemisphere.

Average spots will be running around knee-waist high. The top breaks, mostly the good combo spots, will have some chest high+ sets on the lower tides.

Winds look good again tomorrow as well. Mostly light/variable to light-offshore for the morning and then variable onshore for the afternoon with gusts around 10 knots or so.

Shapewise expect small, sort of gutless waves for most areas, probably best for a big board if you are a larger guy or fishy shapes if you are on the smaller side. SD and OC will probably have the most surf...but most areas are looking on the weak side. The beach breaks will probably do the best since they have a tendency to be a bit more rideable on the bigger tide swings if you can find a decent sandbar. I would probably skip the dawn patrol the morning tide is brutal will probably look a lot like this.

Tide-swampy it is!

Here are the tides.

12:42AM LST 1.9 L
06:59AM LST 6.8 H (yikes!)
02:31PM LST -1.4 L
08:55PM LST 3.7 H


kaser_one said...

Barrel Yoda!!!

805 said...

I am the barrel Yoda bro!!!!