Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Small and Soft

Not much swell on tap on Monday so it looks like another sub-par surf day. There will be decent morning conditions but just not much to ride.

We are going to have a mix of small local WNW windswell and some background S-SW energy neither of which are very big or will amount to much rideable surf.

On average the exposed spots will be around knee high…maybe smaller on the high tide but with a few knee-high+ sets on the lowest tides. The top spots, mostly in San Diego, will have a few waist high+ sets on the lower tides but don’t expect much push even with the bigger sizes.

Winds look good…mostly chilly light/variable to light offshore with some light to moderate NW flow (around 10-12 knots for the afternoon). Mostly sunny skies again as well.

Like I said…not much going on for the start of the week. You might be able to get out and longboard a few softies tomorrow but don’t expect a lot out of it…it will just basically be a way to wash the dust off.

Here are the tides…

03:09AM LST 2.4 L
09:13AM LST 5.6 H
04:46PM LST -0.5 L
11:18PM LST 3.6 H

Looking out at the long-range forecast it does look like the wave drought is going to end…or at least start to ease out of this nonsense we have been slogging through the last few weeks.

Right now we have a new storm down in the South Pacific (of all places) that managed to scrape up some 40-50 knot winds in an area of fetch aimed towards SoCal.

It doesn’t have the best storm track after it throws up those wind speeds but anything is better that what we have been seeing. From the looks of it we should see a decent waist-chest high+ (maybe shoulder high) SW swell (195-215) moving in around January 4th and peaking into the 5th…holding into the 6th before fading out.

It also looks like there will be some new storm action over by Japan taking place in the next couple of days that if it can pull together might get us some longer-period WNW swell (285-300) that would start leaking in around the same time…not big or anything…but again at least better than what we have right now.

I’ll keep you posted as we get closer…hopefully there will be enough waves for all of the guys that have been sitting out the last couple of weeks.


cheerupcheerio said...

I think I'm about to cry. Like for reals now. I don't know how much longer I can take!!!! At least there is a small glitter of hope with a softy chest high wave out there.... ugh. :'(

Pezman said...

Sohemi goodness in January. Combo time?