Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waves for Thursday – leftovers in the morning…new WNW swell for the afternoon

Thursday is looking like another surf day. We are going to have a holding combo of WNW/SW swell leftovers in the morning and a new WNW’er filling into the exposed breaks up around Ventura later in the afternoon.

During the morning our swell mix will be a bit of WNW swell (280-300) and some S-SW swell (190-210). Neither will be very big or energetic but there will still be some playful peaks at the top spots and the good combo breaks.

Look for the average spots to hold around waist-chest high…while the best combo breaks get up around chest-shoulder high on the sets.

The new WNW’er (285-300) starts to arrive up in Ventura (and a few of the exposed areas in Santa Barbara…unfortunately not many spots will be exposed to this swell around there…you will probably need to head down to Ventura…or you know…a boat or something)…anyway the swell begins to show around midday and builds in through the afternoon. Expect the average spots, mostly in Ventura, to see some chest-shoulder high sets after the tide drops…top spots will be close to head high around sundown.

Winds look mostly light and variable again on Thursday…even a little light offshore up around Ventura and LA. Look for some variable texture through San Diego and parts of OC as some slight southerly flow pushes through during the morning. W winds around 10-knots fill in through the afternoon.

I think that you will have the most fun if you just stick around your local spots…unless you are within striking distance of a decent WNW facing spot or a good combo break. The morning should be fun...then it will bog out a bit with the tide…then we see a lot of the consistency drain out as the tide drops.

This swell fills in more on Friday and Saturday for the rest of SoCal…check out the sideways forecast and you can see what I mean. (Note that the size range 6-9’ is being pretty generous for this swell…I am expecting the affected spots to see surf much closer to the 6’ side of that size range). We will also see some building offshore flow for Friday/Saturday so it looks like it could be a fun couple of days lining up.

Here are the tides…hope you get a few tomorrow. Oh and if you get a chance I would be super stoked if you would share the blog with your friends.

02:48AM LST 3.6 H
07:14AM LST 3.1 L
12:21PM LST 4.0 H
08:10PM LST 0.8 L


jj said...

Great blog! My surf buddies and I have a google group where we try to coordinate our surf trips. I'm always linking to this blog and wavewatch as well.



805 said...

Hey adam, live in La but my parents have a place at the H Ranch up north, just wondering if you think it would be worth it to drive up for the weekend for surf? What you think bro..

Adam Wright said...

805 - if you have the access...then yeah it would be a good weekend for it. Try and stick with the spots that get good on the WNW swells.