Thursday, December 4, 2008

Surf Photos: Hawaii Thanksgiving Weekend Swell

Hey gang...remember when I sent out the Random Surf Forecast Post about Hawaii getting some macking WNW-NW swell over the Holiday weekend (I barely remember so I don't really expect you to)...anyway a good buddy of mine was over on vacation in Oahu and took a bunch of photos.

I have been screwing around with the new Picasa3 which lets you create slideshow movies on the fly with very little tech skills...and since there are probably trained monkeys with more techical skills than I have...these new enhanced features are nice. So anyhoo I gave it a shot. (if you are seeing this post as an email you are going to have to break down and visit the website...hahaha you slackers)

If you want to see the pictures as normal images in a web album (or just hate Toots and the Maytals for some reason) can check them out here.


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