Monday, December 22, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – You have got to be kidding me

The surf looks pretty crap for Tuesday. More onshore winds, more sloppy windswell and leftover energy from all over the place.

Our surf will be around waist-waist high+ for most spots with a few bigger, but junkier waves at the top NW windswell spots.

Winds are expected to be onshore, in some form or another but mostly out of the W-NW, throughout the day. Rain will come through on and off as well. Check out the CDIP from this doesn’t get much sadder than this.

Oh wait yes it does...

Anyways I have decided to take up the “send us surf” campaign a notch...check it out.

Dear Santa,

All I really want for Christmas is to go surfing again.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been seeing some of the worst winter surf that I can remember and between the lack of waves, rain, and total economic collapse I have to say that I am getting a bit down.

I have a good board and a shiny new wetsuit that are sitting in my garage ready for action...but have stayed woefully dry for quite a while now.

I would really appreciate it if you could load up some new storms into both the North and South Pacific storm tracks and send us some waves, with maybe a touch of Indian summer and/or Santa Ana winds to make it extra special.

Please Please Please send us some surf! I will be the bestest ever if you do!

With Love,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Surf Forecaster

P.S. I will leave out extra cookies and carrots for you and your reindeer!

I am dropping a copy in the mailbox today. (Addressed to the North Pole of course). I think it will work!


Anonymous said...


I think your idea is great and will certainly work! Santa will for sure send down at least a couple a storms for us from the North Pole.

Also thanks for keeping the blog entertaining during the lack of waves these last few weeks. I have still found myself checking your blog daily to see what funny perspective you have of that days crappy surf situation.

Thanks Adam for the hard work and if the surf doesnt improve soon here is to going "bowling" to pass the time.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen, Amen. Santa PLEASE!!!

Santa said...

I will make your wish come true all you surfers. I am santa, and I will try my best to bring you all surfers some surf this winter, but its hard becasue I have to talk to my friend the sea god, he just broke up with his girl friend and is mad thats why you guys have had such bad weather and no surf. So I hope soon there will be some great surf for all of you. Thanks for the email Adam.


Anonymous said...

I'm going up to SF/SC/SB from OC over Xmas with/to visit family, sans surfboard. (Kids, do not even contemplate leaving your wife/children on the beach for a 'quickie' during the cold winter months.)

Therefore, I can practically *guarantee*, that as a result of my tremendous self-sacrifice, the best swell of the winter will probably hit.

My only consolation is that we're planning on stopping by Steamers for a quick lunch break on the way back south. At least I will get to *watch* some surf.

(Actually, we're coming down the 1 past Pacifica, so conceivable I could stop by Mavs, but I can already anticipate the howls. It can get pretty cold up there on the cliffs, and the 'others' in the party simply do not share the same appreciation for world-class hell waves.)

ADHemi said...

Anybody got a suggestion for a surf mag subscription? prefer one mag over the other?

jefe said...

I fully take the blame for all of the crappy surf and the crap weather. I selfishly went and bought a brand new fish and am patiently awaiting the arrival of my new wetsuit. I went overboard and got too many new things in the same time period. Therefore i am being punished. Dearly. My new board has sat in the garage for 16 days now, un waxed and never been wet.
I've been a bad boy Santa. I apologize to you and to all my fellow surfers.
I will exit the great state of California to a landlocked eastern US state over the remainder of the holidays in hopes that you will lift this horrible curse and give waves back to all surfers.
I sacrifice myself!
Happy Holidays!

cheerupcheerio said...

Has anyone else gained like 12 pounds? I don't know about you guys but my only exercise is surfing and if I don't surf things are about to get pretty ugly...

Hugh said...

yes, i gained weight, too. no surf = mas gordo!

by the way, I surfed last year in Pinamar, Argentina. Small and choppy, but fun.