Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Surf for Wednesday - Fading but fun

Wednesday looks like a surf day...mostly because the winds will be light/moderate offshore and we will have sunny skies...not because of the swell.

There will be waves. We will have a mix of small leftover WNW swell and some slowly increasing S-SSW energy. Most spots will hold around waist high...maybe waist high+ on the lower tides. Standout breaks, really just the good combo breaks, will have some chest and inconsistent shoulder high waves on the lower midday tides as well.

Check out the CDIP...it ain't totally dark blue but it is getting close.

Really the weather is what is going to make it more of a surf day. The Santa Ana flow picked up on Tuesday and in a few of the better positioned areas in Ventura, LA, OC, and parts of SD, it created some fun surf out of waves that would have been a bit marginal if the winds had been lighter...or even crappy surf if they had turned even slightly onshore. It looks like more of the same on Wednesday...sort of light/ moderate offshore flow for the morning and then more moderate Santa Ana conditions through most of the day. Eventually winds back off and turn more N-NW by the afternoon. Passes and Canyons are going to see the strongest gusts particularly around LA/Ventura areas.

Shapewise you are going to want to avoid the dawn patrol...the high tide is going to really kill shape for most spots...even with the cleaner winds. Expect lots of burger shape with some lovely offshore shorebreak for most spots through the morning. I would probably plan on checking the combo beach breaks as the tide starts dropping and see if you can pick off some peaks as we get a little less water. Areas that are prone to stronger Santa Ana's and like combo swells will be the best call tomorrow.

Here are the tides...

06:16AM LST 6.4 H (stupid high tide)
01:45PM LST -1.0 L
08:04PM LST 3.6 H


Anonymous said...

wind was going nuts in Oceanside around 1:00 p.m. - straight offshore and then straight onshore just as quickly . . . .

kaser_one said...

waist to chest hi outa the SW this am. butt azcold at twilight paddle out with the air temp at 48'. made the water feel warm though.

Yong Jung Shin said...

freezing my ass of these days, gotta go buy some booties. almost feel like hypothermia.