Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Poo Patrol

Tuesday isn’t going to be a surf day.

Yeah there will be some more size to our surf but it is going to be mostly short-period S-SSW windswell, which is a bit weird since we generally get W-WSW windswell when a storm moves over us like this one did.

Anyway the S facing spots will have plenty of chest-shoulder high slop while the top spots go bigger and uglier.

Winds are forecast to continue out of the W…mostly 10-15 knots through the morning and then backing off to about 10+ knots for the afternoon. Periods of rain will continue on and off for most areas throughout the day.

With the onshore winds, the now completely craptacular water-quality, and the short-period sloppy nature of the swell we have in the water, the surf isn’t going to be much fun. Personally I am going to spend the day planning a snowboard trip…since this bad-boy storm just dropped feet of new snow all over the Sierras and will dump on the Rockies over the next couple of days...well that and staring wistfully out the window and sighing as the winds/rain just trash the surf that much more.

Things will start to improve later this week but there ain’t much swell lining up for us at this point. I have a feeling that we are going to see some better storm action lining up in the long-range portion of the forecast in a couple of days. I will keep you posted.


Danimal said...

I just planned a snowboard trip to a baller ass house in Mammoth. Gonna be sick!

Have fun, don't get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Yea mammoth is going to be sick, great snow right now?

Anonymous said...

son of a mother! this scene in san diego sucks. i have never snowboarded so i am out of luck for that escape. i had all this week off work, too. freakin sucks!

Anonymous said...

Adam, think positive bro! Instead of looking towards the sea, swivel your chair 180 degrees and look towards the mountains.

Now that's a sight you aren't gonna see anywhere else. Where else do mountains rise 10k ft from sea level with snow levels down to 3-4k ft?