Friday, October 23, 2009

Transworld Surf Forecast – Solid swell on tap for the West Coast

Hey gang…just wanted to let you know that my latest West Coast forecast has been posted over on transworld…again it is pretty similar to the long-range stuff I put up on this site but I do put in a lot more detail for Northern and Central California (where it is currently pumping on this new WNW-NW swell…I even talk about Mav’s being big enough to make me pee a little if I was sitting on the shoulder…how often do you get a forecast with that in it?!)

Anyhoo…give it a check when you get a chance.

The weekend forecast will be up in a few hours…hope you got some this morning it was pretty fun around North OC.


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah it was "pretty fun". Actually, it was pretty freakin' good. Solid OH on the sets with nice tapering shape.

Anonymous said...

not overhead in NB. kinda blew chunks really. thought it would be better in lower newps. :( BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

i was gonna take the time to tell you why newps sucked yesterday but i am over it....enjoy the lower jetti's