Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surf Photos - Friday Fun time

I took a walk down HB pier Friday afternoon (about 3pm) and it was still pretty much going off…anyways I took the camera and managed to snag a few.


Brian Gable said...

Sweeeeeet! Wishing I could head down there... Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I surfed that same n side peak shown in pic #7 for 5 hours yesterday.

Even though HB is basically cursed due to wind conditions (caused by
Catalina for both s eddy's and howling nw through the San Pedro channel), it does have some of the best sandbars anywhere.

When it's on like yesterday, it can get world class. In fact, HB probably had the best surf in the entire world yesterday.

As for today - still foggy as of 3pm. So, being there entails a little patience and a lot of luck.

Anonymous said...

move along nothing to see here, huntington sucks haven't you heard?

Anonymous said...

dude, your killing us... its like christmas waiting to open a present!!! PLEASE PLEASE don't make us wait anylonger!!!! GIVES US A TROPICAL UPDATE!!!! CAT 4 hurricane 150 mph winds? please i am dying over hear!!!!!! all i can say i point!