Monday, October 5, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – Cleaner but a touch smaller

Tuesday will be a surf day.

In the water we are going to have a mix of fading WNW-NW windswell, some steady S-SSW swell (180-200), and some background SW energy (200-220). With the windswell dropping out pretty fast tomorrow plan on the bigger wave heights to shift around a bit…the purely NW/windswell spots will get quite a bit smaller…and the bigger waves will be showing primarily at the top S-facing spots.

Average S-facing breaks and the OK combo spots will hold in the waist-chest high range on Tuesday. There may be a few chest high+ sets on the early morning low tide. Standout S facing breaks, mostly through Orange County (but in a few other areas as well), will hold in the chest-shoulder high range on the sets, with a few bigger waves showing at times through the early morning.

Winds look good…finally that stupid low is gone (talk about a forecasting headache)...the local conditions are going to normalize a bit, getting back into what we generally expect for the Fall. Look for light and variable conditions for the morning, maybe even a few spots with offshore flow, and then building W-NW winds 10-14 knots on tap by the afternoon.

While it will be a surf day…I am not expecting it to fire or anything tomorrow...the tides and the sort of dropping/shifting swell may not mix well together. I think your best bet will be the early morning session if you can motivate…the tide comes up fast midmorning and hits a nearly 6’ high by 10:15 or so…by the time it drops in the afternoon the onshore bump will have moved back in. I think that it will see be fun at the better combo spots…but if you are looking for the bigger sets you will have to stick to spots that have good southerly swell exposure.

Here are the tides…

04:10AM LDT 1.7 L
10:18AM LDT 5.9 H
05:28PM LDT 0.1 L
11:36PM LDT 3.7 H

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Anonymous said...

offshore socal gold this morning. very fun.