Sunday, October 25, 2009

Waves for Monday – fading but a few fun ones still hanging in there

Monday looks rideable…our morning conditions will clean, most of the weekend crowd will be gone…but the fading swell mix, and still sort-of swampy tidal swings will keep it from really getting all that good.

In the water we have a mix of overlapping WNW-NW swells (285-300 both of which are slowly fading), some background SSW swell (190-220), and a touch of local windswell.

The average WNW facing spots and the ok combo spots can expect surf in the waist high range with some chest high+ sets occasionally slipping through. The standout NW facing spots, like those in Southern Ventura and the better exposed areas in San Diego county, will see more consistent waist-chest high surf but with some shoulder high (and maybe slightly bigger) sets rolling through on the lower tide.

Winds look good tomorrow…mostly light and variable to light/moderate offshore winds will help keep things clean through the morning. Look for building onshore winds by the afternoon…hitting in the NW 10-15 knot range later in the day.

Overall I think tomorrow will be rideable, but not all that exciting. The swell mix will be backing off and the morning tides are a little swampy (though not as bad as the 6’ highs we had last week)…and so our surf is going to be a bit soft in the morning. I would plan on bringing your smaller wave gear…or at least boards that can help you power through the morning softies. Personally I am going to hunt around the local beachbreak/sandbars and see if I can find a shallow sandbar that is handling the tide.

Here are the tides…have a good week!

06:19AM LDT 3.8 H
11:26AM LDT 3.1 L
04:24PM LDT 4.0 H
11:45PM LDT 0.9 L

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I like fun ones still hanging in there.