Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday’s Surf – Sort of rideable on the low tide

Friday is looking surfable…but with the overall swell mix dropping it won’t be much of a surf day compared to earlier in the week.

We are going to see a mix of overlapping S-SW swells (180-210) both of which will be slowly dropping…and a touch of background NW energy.

Most spots are going to back down into the knee-waist high range…with a few rare waist high+ sets through the lower tides. Standout S facing breaks, and the best combo spots, will be slightly bigger…around waist-chest high…again with a few rare plus sets now and then. Overall it is going to be pretty inconsistent, sort-of soft, and a bit slow thanks to the lower swell periods and the fatter tides that roll through in the morning.

Winds look ok…light and variable for most areas, maybe a touch of texture at the really exposed spots. Afternoon winds come onshore out of the WNW around 10-14 knots.

It won’t be anything special tomorrow…just sort of leftovers but not completely flat…a good beginners day most likely. We can still expect the biggest surf (that being a relative term) through Orange County…and a few other scattered areas that have decent southerly exposure. I don’t think it will be worth spending a lot of time looking for waves tomorrow, if you find a semi-decent looking shoulder get out on it, but don’t drive all day looking for one.

Here are the tides…

02:18AM LDT 3.1 H
05:36AM LDT 2.8 L
12:27PM LDT 5.4 H
08:48PM LDT 0.4 L


Anonymous said...

I was out walking my dog along the cliffs this afternoon and watched set after set pour in. Another guy rode by on his bike and had the same look of "wtf"?

It had a south tilt to it, so no sneaker nw coming in, yet the pier didn't look that big.

Definitely weird; the few guys who were out were all getting caught inside as the sets stacked up.

I got pretty excited thinking their might be another push in the making, but all the forecasts & buoys are calling for a decline.

Probably was just some sort of fluke.

Anonymous said...

yep - a fluke.