Friday, October 23, 2009

Waves for the Weekend – Slowly fading swell mix

Saturday and Sunday both look like surf days…but we can expect slowly fading sizes and consistency as both the WNW and SW swells back down.

Swellwise we are going to see a mix of overlapping WNW swells (290-300 with some burps of energy a little lower in angle…sort of 285-300) and some fading SW swell (200-220)

Saturday Morning

Sunday Morning

Wave heights are going to hold in the waist-chest high range at the average breaks while the better exposed NW facing spots, (with good exposure to swells over the 290-degree range), see more consistent waist-shoulder high+ sizes. The top breaks, both the top NW and the combo spots, will have chest-shoulder high sets…with some head high peaks still sneaking through. Sunday looks little bit more consistent as a new WNW-NW moves in to prop up the first swell.

Winds look good…mostly light and variable for Saturday morning and then a touch more offshore on Sunday. It doesn’t look as clean through the afternoons…NW winds will be on tap around the 10-14 knot range for both days. Expect some fog/overcast skies through the morning and then clearing skies as it burns off in the afternoon.

So for the weekend it will be worth getting out and catching a few…it won’t be outstanding…but it will be fun. The best shape will continue to show at the NW facing points and reefs. The combo beach breaks will be a little less fun as the SW swell fades out but may be worth checking if you are over the crowd at the points or just need a little lefthanded shoulder now and then.

Oh and I was just checking out the really long-range charts…and it looks like we might have some legit Santa Ana conditions developing around the middle of next week…maybe even a little swell too. It is still a few days from actually developing but I will definitely keep you guys posted as it does. Don't know about you guys but I love me some Santa Anas (well when the world doesn't burn down).

Here are the tides…have a great weekend!

01:08PM LDT 4.4 H
09:52PM LDT 0.9 L

06:00AM LDT 3.6 H
09:37AM LDT 3.5 L
02:47PM LDT 4.0 H
10:57PM LDT 0.9 L

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