Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wednesday's Waves - Damn it is Wednesday already?

Wednesday is going to be a surf day. We have a fun swell combo with a touch more energy arriving throughout the day, conditions will be clean, and if we can get past the morning high tide we should be able to have some fun.

Swellwise we are going to have a mix of overlapping WNW-NW swells (285-300 but with most of the energy above 290-degrees) and some new SW swell (200-220).

Most spots will have surf in the waist-chest high+ range. The standout combo spots, again mostly in San Diego, South Orange County, as well as the South Bay and parts of Ventura will have waves in the chest-shoulder high+ range. A few of the top breaks will have bigger sets on the lower tides.

Winds will be good tomorrow...mostly light and variable for most areas and even a few beaches with some light offshore flow early. Look for building NW winds around 10-12 knots by the afternoon.

Like I said things look fun tomorrow...sets may be a bit less consistent compared to the last few days but the swell periods will be longer so hopefully the surf will have a little more punch. I would still plan on finding the best surf at the combo beach breaks...particularly spots that can handle some higher tides. The points and reefs will still be fun but won't connect as well as they can.

Here are the tides

01:12AM LST 1.5' Low
07:21AM LST 6.6' High (weak sauce)
02:35PM LST -1.0' Low
08:47PM LST 4.0' High


er said...

wOOhOO! =)

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Anonymous said...

dude, what happened to all the little surveys you used to have us vote on??? I miss those, man.