Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wednesday's Surf - And the winner is...

Yeah Right :) (this is the last place you should be getting your election coverage.)

Wednesday is going to be a surf day...conditions will be cleaner and there will be a fun swell mix in the water...about the only thing that is still an issue is the water quality. The water was looking an awful poo brown today (not the most scientific method)...and it usually takes 2-3 days for the bacteria to back off. You can always check out the Heal The Bay website for some of the beach grades. www.healthebay.org

Surfwise we are going to have a mix of slowly fading steeper WNW windswell (285-300) and some playful sized SSW swell (190-205) that is holding under the more dominant WNW energy. Here is the CDIP for this afternoon...expect a little less WNW energy and a little more SSW tomorrow.

Wave heights for most areas will be in the waist-chest high range...Santa Barbara will be a touch smaller as the WNW energy gradually turns more NW. The better combo spots will be in the waist-shoulder high range.

Standout W-facing beaches and top combo spots in San Diego will have some shoulder-head high faces...probably even some bigger sets at the best breaks in the morning.

Winds are looking better for Wednesday...mostly light and variable to light/moderate offshore near passes and canyons in the northern counties. Check out the NWS map for Wednesday morning.

Afternoon winds pick up out of the NW around 10-12 knots.

While I am still not all that stoked on the water quality I think that there will be some fun waves tomorrow. I might wrap myself in some sort of saran-wrap and a bondage mask and see if I can catch a few...but I am still going to avoid the storm-drains and river-mouths if I can. If you are looking for bigger waves Ventura, The South Bay will be decent calls...San Diego is going to be by far the biggest surfwise since it is more exposed to the WNW-NW energy. It probably won't be worth driving down there but if you are in the area I would at least plan a camera check in the morning.

Here are the tides (LST stands for Local Standard Time in case you were wondering)

04:52AM LST 3.6' High
08:16AM LST 3.5' Low
01:22PM LST 4.0' High
09:37PM LST 0.8' Low

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If you do saran wrap and bondage mask... pics or it didn't happen.