Monday, November 3, 2008

Tropical Update WTF? - Tropical Storm Polo (Marco!)

So I was sort of getting my hopes up that we would skate out of the tropical season without getting another storm...don't get me wrong I like hurricane swells but I hate forecasting those bastards. They are just too temperamental...give me a nice predictable frontal storm any day. As usual Mother Nature could care less what makes my life easier and spun up a new little tropical storm, just a month before the "official" end of the hurricane season.

Anyway TS Polo (Marco!) formed up over the weekend and is now spinning around 650-miles South of Cabo San Lucas.

Current forecasts are showing Polo (Marco! Seriously I can't stop it) tracking westward around 15-knots. The storm is supposed to intensify and develop a better WNW storm track in the next 24-36 hours. Check out the NRL forecast...

Personally I am not super stoked on this storm fact the forecast has already downgraded itself from Monday morning's forecast, which is never a good sign.

Still if the storm does intensify and manages to change its direction we may see some waves later this week.

I'll keep you posted if it starts to line up.


kaser_one said...

Why do you hate surfing Wedge so much?

Anonymous said...

Because of the mandatory G-string spedo's, and the anti prop 8 rainbow sticker locals-

Anonymous said...

good answer.