Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swell Alert: Hawaii is about to get whacked

So this is a random swell alert but it is looking damn impressive.

Over the last couple of days the North Pacific storm track has really started to wake up, and like most of us it really isn't a morning fact it is really f-ing grumpy…hangover grumpy…like how grumpy you would be if you woke up from a 36-hour drinking binge still on the bathroom floor and your upstairs neighbor was doing tae-bo and playing death metal at max volume. Yeah the North Pacific looks that grumpy.

The short-range forecast is showing a very serious storm developing in the next 3-4 days that will very likely send a super-sized swell to Hawaii by the end of the week.

Check out this wave-model forecast for this storm. (As always a big thanks to Mark at for letting me use his images…make sure to check out his site )

No that is not an island sitting to the North of Hawaii…it is a big ass storm, fueled by a mixture of a cold storm from Siberia and a nice energy laden extra-tropical system from over by Japan. These extra-tropical storms are gnarly…almost ever major swell generated in the North Pacific is a result of a storm going extra-tropical.

And yes you are reading that right…the model is calling for nearly 50-foot seas near the core of the storm.

Based on today’s forecasts I am expecting almost 15-20-foot of deepwater NW swell hitting Hawaii on Friday and peaking into Saturday (Nov 28-29th). Swells with that much deepwater energy, when they hit those steep reefs around Hawaii, generally create waves in the 25-30’ face range at the average spots and potentially some 30-40-foot faces at top breaks like Jaws over on Maui.

If it pulls together it should be pretty spectacular.


Anonymous said...

Sexy mackers!!!

pix0r said...

sounds impressive. is it going to be sending waves this direction (socal) sometime next week?

Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH! what about OC?