Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monday’s Surf – 6-foot burrito hangover

Monday looks surfable…I don’t know that I would call it a “Surf Day” but there will be lots of WNW energy out in the water for the exposed breaks and some of the more protected spots will have some cleaner conditions trying to sneak in through the morning.

Swellwise we are going to have a mix of WNW-NW energy (both medium and short-period swell from 280-300+) and some background S-SW swell.

Most spots with some exposure to the WNW’ers will have surf in the waist-shoulder high range. The standout WNW facing breaks in Ventura, the South Bay, and San Diego in particular will have consistent head high and overhead sets with some bigger waves sneaking through.

Winds and conditions are what I like to call fragile…there will be lighter winds in the morning but the general onshore flow will continue in the waters just of the coast. Winds along the beach get a bit fluky and we can see some periods of cleanliness that fall apart pretty quick by midmorning. Afternoon winds will build out of the NW around 10-15+ knots.

Surf Shape, increasing winds, and butt-ass cold water temps are the three biggest issues I have with our surf tomorrow. The windswell, particularly the nasty mess we had on Sunday, doesn’t do a great job generating rideable waves for most spots, there are a few breaks (most beach breaks) that do ok but the points/reefs don’t handle the swell that well. Add in that the wind is likely to get right back on the horse early tomorrow and that the same wind just dropped water temps a trillion degrees with all the upwelling and you have a recipe for being unmotivated…but hey that is just me and I am still a little hungover from my B-day and the total destruction of the 6-foot burrito.

just to give it perspective... that is the bed of a full size toyota tundra

As you can imagine giant burrito = awesome!

Here are the tides

12:05AM LST 1.1’ Low
06:19AM LST 5.7’ High
01:10PM LST 0.2’ Low
07:06PM LST 4.2’ High

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deckmanx said...

Holy Chupacabra Batman! That's one massive burrito. Props to your wife for getting you that thing.