Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday’s Surf – fading and starting to get fugly

Monday will have a few waves but it looks like the weather starts to get funky and the swell will be fading.

Unfortunately the WNW swell that hit over the weekend is dropping fast…looks like it didn’t have enough fetch in our swell window to help it string together more than a couple of sessions. I was actually a little disappointed with how the WNW swell showed around my neck of the woods (North OC)…a few spots close by got fun on Saturday but I was always behind the eightball with other shit I had going on…by the time I could break free the wind had got to it. Sunday that swell was basically sad leftovers…some longboard fun but nothing to get fired up on. It looked like SD and Ventura did pretty well…particularly on Saturday. If anyone got photos and fee like sharing…email over if you get a chance

Anyway with the WNW swell dropping and just a small SW swell holding in the background there isn’t going to be a ton of surf tomorrow. Plus we got a high tide pushing through early in the morning which is going to honk up the dawn patrol.

Expect most breaks to have surf in the knee-waist high range while the standout combo spots in San Diego, and maybe South Orange County, see some waist-chest high+ sets. Expect soft slow shape early with some wind texture as well. Sets will be on the inconsistent side too…man I am just filled with great news.

Weather is looking funky…we have a new low hanging off the coast that will start to edge over SoCal later in the day. Winds are forecast to be light/variable through the morning but a general S-SE flow may start to develop around midday and then strengthen into Tuesday. Chance of light rain by the afternoon as well.

Really I am not planning on surfing tomorrow…nothing I saw forecast-wise is motivating enough to get out of bed early on Monday. Things do get better later this week as more S swell and more WNW energy starts to arrive, and next weekend is hinting that we might see some more Santa Ana flow as well. Sorry to be cryptic...I am burned out on typing right now...I post some more stuff on the longer-range set up tomorrow.

Here are the tides.

12:12AM LST 1.6’ L
06:28AM LST 5.8’ H
01:38PM LST -0.1’ L
07:42PM LST 3.6’ H


Anonymous said...

Cryptic? Why don't you just come out and say that the low passing through SoCal this week will turn into Santa Anas by next weekend.

But more importantly, that this high pressure will coincide with the swell of the year?

I can hear the skis firing up already. When does the ban at GT begin? At least CB is still open - 100ft faces?

Is there anyone out there that is going to try for a quinfecta: WB, Mavs, GT, CB & TS?

Hugh said...

yeah, my weekend sessions were less than desirable too. I took my chances at 15th St. Del Mar and it was pitiful. so many people in the water. Saturday was better than Sunday, but still not anything special. some friends of mine said they went down to Coronado on Saturday morning and it was 5-7 feet though foggy.

Anonymous said...

Adam looks like we are going to see a new big W swell coming our way this wen and then back fri and sat. We should be seeing overhead surf in SB and V-Land. Plus good weather as well. Be safe.

Anonymous said...