Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Taking my sweet time with these forecasts

Tuesday is looking pretty surfy…winds continue to look good and we have a fun combo mix of WNW and SW swell…now we just need a certain surf forecaster to get off his butt and tell us about it.

Swellwise…We have a fading but still healthy push of WNW energy (both short and medium period stuff coming in from 285-300), and some new SW swell (200-220) that is filling in as well. The SW’er doesn’t look great, it had to come in from a shadowed section of the SPAC but it should punt in a few sets to the better exposed combo breaks.

On average we are going to see most of our surf coming from the WNW swell mix. Look for the average spots that can pull in some of WNW’er to have surf in the waist-chest high+ range with some shoulder high sets. Standout WNW facing breaks, mostly through San Diego (but in a few other areas as well) will have some shoulder-head high+ sets through the morning. Combo spots will be similar in size but may be a touch less consistent.

Winds look good for the morning again. We should have light and variable to light offshore flow for most spots. There may be a couple of spots of texture but in general they will be pretty localized. Look for those winds to shift around out of the WNW-NW around 10-12+ knots for the afternoon.

I think there are going to be plenty of waves out there tomorrow. Santa Barbara will probably be a bit smaller than the other regions (look at the CDIP map). So if you usually surf those more exposed areas there will be plenty of places to check…I would probably stick with the breaks that can pull in the WNW energy or at least the better combo spots. Again I think the beach breaks will do better, particularly if there is something like a pier or jetty to break up the swell. Points and reefs will still be fun but may be a bit sectiony off the shorter-period swell.

Tides for Tuesday

12:38AM LST 1.2’ Low
06:48AM LST 6.1’ High
01:51PM LST -0.5’ Low
07:56PM LST 4.1’ High

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