Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf – Mostly small with a few sneaky ones here and there

Socal Forecaster’s Blog (11/18/2008) - Wednesday is going to rideable…but sort of on the bubble if I would call it a surf day. Conditions will be nice, there will be a few waves now and then, but nothing to get excited about. I guess it could be a surf day if you don’t mind longer waits and smaller surf.

Wow that was an amazing waffle that I got going there in the first paragraph.

I prefer Belgium myself…

I guess where I was going with that is that there will be surf tomorrow but I am not very excited about it. I am sure what you know what I mean…sitting around waiting for a chest high set can get a bit grating when you have a hunk of work/chores/bong-hits piling up at home.

Anyway enough of my incoherent ramblings…lets get on to the coherent ones.

Surf tomorrow will be a mix of smaller overlapping SSW-SW swells and a touch of leftover WNW energy.

Most spots will be in the knee-waist high range…and inconsistent when the tide is swinging around.

Top combo spots, mostly through Orange County and San Diego will have some waist-chest high sets…with just a touch more consistency down in the SD area.

Winds look light and variable through the morning with some areas of light offshore flow. Look for light to moderate NW winds around 10-12 knots for the afternoon.

Like I said above, I am not very fired up to surf tomorrow…but that doesn’t mean that if you are more open minded than I am you won’t have a bit of fun. Bring your smaller wave gear, longboards or fishies will be the best. It should also be a good day for beginners…small surf, longer waits between sets, sort of gutless at most breaks. Look for the biggest waves at the combo spots…but don’t drive very far unless you have to.

Things look better later this week. When I get a couple of minutes and will put together a better look at the long-range forecast for you guys (Hmmm it might be nice to schedule Thanksgiving up around Santa Barbara this year…I am just saying you might want to think about it).

Here are the tides (for once we don’t have a negative tide)

03:22AM LST 4.1’ High
08:31AM LST 2.8’ Low
01:54PM LST 4.5’ High
09:17PM LST 0.2’ Low


Anonymous said...

"Like I said above, I am not very fired up to surf tomorrow..."

Welcome to getting older and having a family life, Adam.

The more knowledgeable about surf you become, the more you're able to score excellent surf. The more you score excellent surf, the pickier you become.

As you get older (we're talking 45+), most of the time you only go out in an attempt at staying in shape, all the time reading the buoys and keeping track of what's going on.

If you're lucky, you score very good/epic conditions (size, shape, tide, wind) once a month, frequent enough to keep you stoked and wanting more.

For the other 99 out of 100 guys who either quit or blow up out of shape and hang out in the parking lot with the other LBing walri, surfing becomes only a memory.

Anonymous said...

A waffle with syrup would have been better than the dribbly weakness in O'Side this a.m.