Monday, November 3, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Looking a bit windy

Tuesday is forecast to be stormy, and not much of a surf day...that being said the last couple of fronts that have pushed through haven't really shut down the surf as bad as they could have. Check out the storm front on the satellite.

I would probably plan on wind (and maybe a little rain) but like a Boy Scout be prepared for some surf windows to possibly open up, particularly at the more protected breaks. Don't hold your breath or anything...just keep an eye on a few of the spots that stay surfable with westerly winds.

Surfwise we are going to have a mix of fading WNW swell, increasing NW windswell, and some weak S-SW swell (190-205) holding in the background.

Average spots will be in the waist-chest high+ range while the standout W facing breaks and top combo spots, mostly in San Diego, see some shoulder-head high sets.

Conditions are what is going to hold us back. Current forecast models are calling for W-NW winds around 10-15 knots for the morning with some stronger gusts the closer you get to Point Conception. Afternoon winds will be similar but start to mellow after sunset.

Again I wouldn't plan on a ton of surfing tomorrow...I definitely wouldn't commit a lot of time checking it, or driving anywhere. But if you are close enough for a strategic session you will want to keep an eye on conditions. Personally I am going to spend a few minutes looking out the window and if I see the trees or flags are moving or have slacked up a bit, then do a cam check in hopes that the wind has held off. If you do manage a surf or don't mind the bump...look for the biggest waves through San Diego, with some decent size still showing in the South Bay and Southern Ventura, other spots will be smaller and less consistent.

Here are the tides

11:47AM 4.4' High
08:39PM 0.8' Low

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