Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waves for Friday - F@#k off tide-swing...we have surfing to do.

Friday will be a surf day...but we are going to have to wiggle around the same giant freaking tide swing that plagued us on Thursday.

Surfwise we are going to have a mix of WNW swell (285-300) and some background (and inconsistent) SW swell (200-220). Most spots will be in the waist-chest high range.

Standout combo spots, mostly through San Diego but in the other well known combo areas as well, will have shoulder high+ sets on the better parts of the tide know after it is swamped out, but before it drains completely out...right there in that 15-minute window. (dammit)

Winds will be good tomorrow...we will have a light Santa Ana flow with light to moderate offshore winds in the morning, strongest near passes and canyons. Variable to slightly onshore winds around 5-10 knots move in through the afternoon.

On Friday, like Thursday, there will be a few fun peaky sets sneaking through the combo beach breaks...the points/reefs will be fun too but again not quite clicking the way they can. Seems like the spots with the right amount of sand are staying more surfable through that tidal swing so you might want to hunt around for breaks with the better sandbars. Looks like midmorning to lunchtime will be the best window. I would start looking for excuses to take an early lunch.

Here are the tides.

02:27AM LST 2.0' Low
08:39AM LST 6.9' High (goodbye Sunset beach)
04:11PM LST -1.2' Low (an 8' tide drop is not a good thing for surfing)

10:40PM LST 3.7' High

One last thing...check out the weird sideways wave model. Looks like we are going to have some fun this weekend.


Yong Jung Shin said...

lol i love those negative tide. you get hammered in to the sand when you wipeout.

Anonymous said...

first Yong your nuts bro!! Second, Adam its looking ike that W 270 is hitting SB tomorrow, what you think? Should W points in SB have surf??

Adam Wright said...

it looks like more of that energy is above the 290-degree mark...which means that most of it will skip past SB. I would look for mostly knee-waist high surf at the best exposed spots in south SB and into Northern Ventura will get bigger and more consistent as you move south. The Tide is going to be a bitch though...anything that shows will get swamped through the morning and then drained by the afternoon...just a small window of goodness between the swing. I wouldn't spend a lot of time driving around, wait for the weekend (Sunday and Monday)

Greg Lantz said...

down in north SD county you were dead on. still managed some fun though.

er said...

11:30a was the window in Santa Monica Bay Friday (2.5 hrs after high-tide)