Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Surf - A little sloppy with a high chance of afternoon coma

The surf isn't looking so good for Thursday. It will be rideable but there will still be some rain, some wind, and some nasty water quality to contend with.

In the water we are going to have a mix of WNW windswell/storm swell, some S swell (180-190), and some steeper NW swell hanging in the background.

Most spots will see some waist-chest high sets while the standout W facing breaks as well as the top combo spots, mostly through San Diego, see some shoulder high+ faces on the lower tides.

Kaser you can skip this part - Winds are looking light...but with consistent onshore flow out of the W around 5-knots through the morning. Afternoon winds pick up out of the WNW around 10-12+ knots. Periods of rain showers will continue to push through throughout the day as well. Check out the NWS winds for tomorrow morning.

Overall it looks like Thursday is going to be a bit sloppy...not totally blown out...but not clean either. Most spots are going to see semi-mushy/gutless crossed up peaks with short swell periods. Occasionally there may be a little punchier set if your spot has S facing exposure. The SD top spots look bigger and bit more consistent than other areas but the winds look stronger down there as well. You will also have water quality to worry about it...It dumped some rain at my place last night and I expect that was the case in most areas...water quality is going to be pretty poopy for the next couple of days until the bacteria counts start to drop. All in all it might be good to take it easy tomorrow...or at bare minimum try and avoid areas with heavy runoff.

Here are the tides

01:38AM LST 2.3 L
07:49AM LST 6.0 H
03:21PM LST -0.5 L
09:47PM LST 3.5 H

Happy early Thanksgiving! (man I am fired up for Turkey)...just an FYI - I will be skipping the forecast tomorrow so I can hang with the family and go into a turkey coma during the afternoon while watching football (which = awesome). I will be back at it on Friday.

Have a great one you guys!


Kindon said...

Adam, you commitment to this blog, especially in light of the probable pay out, is crazy. I hope you enjoy your day off and the turkey, and thanks for all the great forecasts.

See you in the water.

Now I am off to click a few ads so you can continue to eat and post.

Anonymous said...


Getting Better said...

What are the non-poopy places to surf in the Santa Monica region? Is it all poopy? Can I keep writing poopy? I'd appreciate any input here.

Thanks for your posts, Adam. I love the site.

Anonymous said...

SB was 5-6 and a local spot today!!! Woooo

Adam Wright said...

Thanks guys...I am really stoked that people dig the forecasts.

GB...yeah most of LA is pretty nasty after a rain. Sometimes it gets better as you move north out into North LA county. It isn't much better but at least it is cleaner than right near the city.

Anonymous said...

Adam, gotta disagree with you regarding water quality. For the last 10+ years, LA (Hyperion) has discharged full secondary. OC won't have that capability for at least another 5 years.

All of SoCal dumped unprocessed sewage well into the 50s, so people might wish to revise concepts of some mythical golden age of surfing in California.

In fact, Bob Meistrell (he & his brother founded Body Glove) used to call the used condoms that washed onto S Bay beaches "El Segundo Whitefish".

(Note also that smog from 'leaded' gasoline was much worse in the 50s; this stuff also managed to wash into the ocean.)

For a taste (literally) of what SoCal used to be like after a rainstorm, look no further than N Baja. Imagine surfing BM today - hah! You might be dead in 6 mos.

As always, please keep up the good work.