Monday, June 9, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Solid SW swell...yeah for waves!

Hope you guys got out to surf on Monday...there was quite a bit of SW swell showing out there...(in fact it was a little bigger and bit more consistent than I was expecting.)

I got a lot of feedback from all over SoCal, but particularly from surfers in the OC and San Diego, that there were some good-sized overhead+ sets coming through. North LA was a bit smaller but had some decent shape (if you didn't mind the 4 trillion people sitting on the shoulder and burning you). I even saw a few lefts grinding back up The Point at C-Street in Ventura. If anyone got some pictures...send them over I will post 'em up.

Here is a shot of the CDIP model from Monday afternoon. (Actually look really close at the Santa Barbara sad is that tiny blue dot that is right next to Santa Barbara Harbor...oh well they get good waves in the winter)

Anyway on to the forecast.

Tuesday will be a surf day...with lots of surf at the SW facing breaks.

Surfwise we are going to see the second part of this SW swell start to arrive and peak throughout the day. This new pulse of energy will actually combine right in with the existing SW swell and the mix of WNW windswell that we have holding in the background.

Average breaks with SW exposure will see surf in the chest-shoulder high+ range...with some head high sets on the tide push that comes through after the tide bottoms out midmorning.

Standout SW facing spots in San Diego and Orange County will have consistent surf in the shoulder-head high range with sets going a couple of feet overhead (and bigger) sneaking through inconsistently.

Winds will be ok...there will be some pockets of southerly flow from a weak coastal eddy but in general winds are forecast to be light and variable in the morning. W winds around 10-12 knots build in through the afternoon.

There is enough swell in the water that it is going to be worth spending a little of the gas money to find waves tomorrow. The biggest surf is definitely going to be showing in OC and San Diego. I would look for the best shape at the points and reefs...beach breaks are going to be a bit lined up/closed out and you can expect a pretty strong current (along with dangerous riptides) at the more exposed beaches. Plan on a lot of paddling tomorrow.

If you can't surf Tuesday don't sweat it...there will be plenty of waves from this swell hitting all week.

Have fun and be safe...sorry to sound like your dad...unless of course your dad rips.

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Kyle said...

thanks for the forcast! this blog is getting bookmarked.