Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday's Surf - A good reason to be late to work

Friday will be a surf day.

Again it won't be "all-time" or anything but Friday's surf is looking pretty fun for combo spots and breaks with good SW swell exposure.

Surfwise we will have a mix of fading WNW windswell and a slowly building SW swell. Most spots will hold around waist-chest high. Standout SW facing spots and the good combo breaks will see shoulder high+ sets on the morning tide push.

Winds will start off light and variable for most areas during the morning before turning onshore out of the W around 10-15 knots through the afternoon.

Try not to hit it too early...there is a negative low tide (-1.4 foot low) that drains out everything about 6:20am. That doesn't leave a lot of water for most spots...a few might be breaking but expect to see a lot of sand and rock...I can almost hear the ankles snapping right now.

Mid-morning looks like it will have the best shape...we actually have the combo of wind/tides working for us rather than against us. We will have the tide-push, light winds, and a building swell mix.

Oh and to top it off...water temps feel like the are warming up in at least few areas...cross your fingers that they continue to heat up (I would like to shed my wetsuit at somepoint this summer!)

I think a lot of spots will have some playful waves tomorrow morning. There will be plenty of swell in the water...both SW and most spots will have at least a few waves showing. The biggest, and likely the most consistent, surf will be at the combo spots in San Diego and South Orange County. The NW facing breaks will be a bit on the mushy side since they are pulling in predominately windswell. Your best bet will be to start early (but not too early...have some coffee or something)...try and time it to take advantage of both the tide push and the light winds.


Anonymous said...

Today was good at the pier in HB. Trunked it. Good stuff

Adam Wright said...


I paddled out at the river on Thursday and it was warm enough that I was bummed to have my fullsuit on. Friday I am taking the trunks and the wetsuit top...hope there won't be shrinkage all day afterwards!

B Rock said...

You wouldn't be able to tell if there was shrinkage!
When are we gona get an Oregon Surf report? Now that's shrinkage.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your work, man. I fly into San Diego from Ohio about twice a month to work and surf, and just found out about your daily blog a few weeks ago. Very grateful for it. Earlier this week you were right on (it sucked in South Bay), but I'll be back out next week, and am glad to see that things are looking better.

R B said...

Good werk man~!


todd said...

Spring suit today. Bolsa early am wasnt bad. Your report yesterday regarding friday was better than the surfline friday am report.

Anonymous said...

Really early right after the dead low was very fun in north county San Diego. Clean little barrels and peaks.

kaser_one said...

todd, cancell your surflie subscription now.

AW's report is the shizzle.

I say AW get's his own (income) forecast website, I'll provide the photos and SPac trip financing, and you, what can you bring???????

Anonymous said...

What Happened to my comment?
Anyways surfed Southbay on Friday in Trunks and Rashie and lasted two hours. Waves were fun!