Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf – The hits just keep on coming

Wednesday will be another surf day…particularly at the SW facing spots.

SW swell will hold throughout the day while it mixes with some background NW windswell. In general it may lose just a touch of size but overall I expect it to be a bit more consistent on the sets.

Average SW breaks will continue to see surf in the chest-shoulder high range with the occasional head high set. The bigger waves will be more frequent on the tide push…at least compared to the dropping tide we see through the dawn patrol.

Standout SW facing spots, like those in San Diego and Orange County, will continue to pull in shoulder-head high+ surf fairly consistently throughout the day. There will be some bigger overhead+ sets mixing in as well…particularly through the midmorning tide push.

Conditions will be very similar to Tuesday…we will have a weak/moderate coastal eddy with some southerly winds showing at the more exposed beaches (San Diego and OC mostly). Other areas will have variable onshore winds. W winds around 10-15 knots fill in through the afternoon.

Overall conditions, size, and shape are all going to be similar to Tuesday with just a little less size on the big sets. The biggest waves will continue to show in San Diego and Orange County but there will be plenty of rideable and playful surf showing at the exposed breaks in the other regions as well. Points and reefs will still have the best shape while beach breaks stay on the wally side.

About the only thing that I would watch out for is the slight S winds in the morning…they could spin up a little too strongly overnight and make shape a bit funky at the more open spots. I think to hedge your bet I would aim for a spot that can handle a little S wind…but still has some good exposure to the SW energy.

And Finally here is a picture of the buoy summary list…you have got to love to see all those 17-second swell periods!

Here is a link to the live buoys (it is posted over on the right as well)


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