Sunday, June 8, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Some size but with an eddy-monkey on its back

Monday will be a surf day…but you are going to want pick spots that have exposure to the SW swell and protection from the S eddy winds…you may have a compromise a bit of size for cleaner shape and conditions.

Surfwise we will have a mix of building SW swell (that was already showing some new energy on Sunday…check out the Oceanside buoy is has a nice bump of SW energy in the 18-20 second period band (hellooooo SW swell.)

Along with the SW swell we will continue to have some background WNW windswell energy.

The average spots will see surf in the waist-chest high range with some shoulder high sets. Standout breaks, mostly in South Orange County, Northern San Diego and at a few other spots in the other regions, will have surf consistently in the shoulder-head high range with overhead+ sets coming through at times. The tides will still tweak size a bit…the dropping tide will drain out the size and consistency while the building tide will send more larger sets before it starts to mush it out as it peaks.

Winds will be the biggest issue. I was a bit bummed on how strong the eddy spun up on Saturday…it was down-right lame in a few spots for the morning…Sunday was better but it still had the june-gloom eddy creeping around the edges at times. Monday will be pretty similar…the forecast models are actually showing a bit more S wind than Sunday so I think that if you plan accordingly you will be able to find a few decent spots.

Your best bet is going to be areas that can combo up the mix of stronger SW swell, the smaller WNW windswell, but still have enough protection to manage the S winds. Parts of the South Bay, Parts of Central Ventura, Central Orange County (Dana Point/Laguna), and La Jolla (down in San Diego)…all do better in these kinds of conditions. I would generally start your search in those areas. Personally I might still make a cam and wind check in the morning (my wind check is looking at the trees outside my house…not that I am that close to the beach…but it at least gives me the general feel of the day…I know, I know…aren’t I scientific?)

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