Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wednesday’s Eddy – damn stupid wind.

Wednesday is looking pretty ugly…there may be some pockets of surf at spots protected from the S winds but in general expect choppy conditions for most of SoCal.

If you tried to surf this morning in OC or San Diego (hell in the other areas as well) you probably saw that winds in the outer waters spun up pretty fast last night and had the eddy going pretty good by sun-up. Well I got bad news…looks like this eddy is going to strengthen even more as we move overnight into Wednesday.

Surfwise wave heights will be on the rise…new WNW windswell will build (thanks to the stronger winds in the outer waters) while the S-SW swell mix holds in the background.

Average exposed areas (that have swell windows exposed to a mix of both WNW and S-SW energy) will see surf in the waist-chest high range.

Standout NW facing spots and the top combo spots will have chest-shoulder high surf…maybe even a few bigger ones on the low tide.

Winds unfortunately are going to suck. Expect S flow 10-15 knots for the morning and SW winds 10-15+ knots by the afternoon.

This is a snapshot of this afternoon’s winds…expect something like this…only worse.

If you have to surf your best bet is going to be the breaks that are protected from the S winds. Shape won’t be great even in those areas because most of the surf will be that ugly short-period windswell…so even if the wind is OK you are still going to see a lot of close-to-shore, stacked up, and drifty lines…most of it will be pretty mushy and gutless to boot.

I wish I could paint a “nicer” picture of what the surf will be doing tomorrow but personally I think it going to be quite lame. I am going to stick with a quick look at the cameras and then probably some pillow surfing once I actually see the nasty bump that I am expecting.

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