Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Monday Morning Surf Report – Back in Action

Hey guys I didn’t quite make it back in time to post a forecast yesterday so I thought I would throw out a morning surf report today instead.

Monday looks like a surf day but you are going to want to find some breaks that can pull in the combo of swells.

We are seeing a mix of fading, but still fun SW swell and some local NW windswell. Spots with just the windswell showing, like Santa Barbara, most of Ventura, and most of the South Bay, are seeing waist high waves with some inconsistent chest high sets.

The SW facing areas, like Orange County and San Diego are pulling in more of the swell combo…so wave heights in those areas are closer to chest high at the average spots and chest-shoulder high+ at the standouts. Shape and consistency will be best on the morning tide push.

Right now it is definitely looking on the soft side for most spots…and sort of warbly lumpy for the better exposed breaks that are focusing the swell a little better. I think your best bet is to hit one of the combo beach breaks in North San Diego or Orange County…they seem to have a bit more workable shape and faster corners.

Winds are light and variable this morning but there is some onshore funk to the more exposed breaks and San Diego is seeing some big patches of fog and onshore texture hiding underneath it. Look for W-NW winds 10-15 knots building in this afternoon.

Check back…forecasts will start up again this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

How was your vacation/party? Did you have a good time? You deserve it, hope it was fun for you and your buddies!

Adam Wright said...

Thanks man! Yeah we had a good time...the party was actually back in Texas so we hit up a bunch of random stuff that we don't get to do in California.

There was this one place in Ft. Worth called Billy Bob's...I have never seen anything like it. ( was so huge that they even had a bull riding ring inside of it. Radical. I fit right in with my surf gear and flip-flops.

We had a blast...(I think my liver needs a couple of weeks to recover though.)