Sunday, June 15, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Back to the grind.

Man this is the latest post ever…you will probably all be reading it early Monday…oh well at least you had the San-O break map to keep you busy.

Monday will be a surf day but it is going to suffer under the same set of slightly sub-par conditions that we had over the weekend. Namely increasing onshore winds that get an early jump and keeps things pretty sloppy through most of the day.

In the water our new SW swell (that arrived on Sunday from 200-220) will continue to push through and mix with some local very-short-period WNW windswell. Most spots will continue to see waist-chest high+ surf while the standout SW facing spots like those in Orange County and San Diego see some shoulder-overhead sets.

Winds are forecast to come onshore out of the NW fairly early…exactly how early is the question. There is always a chance at a small pocket of cleanliness forming for the first couple of hours in the morning…you get sort of a dead wind period as the temperature change between the earth and the ocean equalizes for a short time. It isn’t always clean but it at least has the potential to be. Check it early if the wind isn’t blowing get on it because it will onshore 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

San Diego and OC points and reefs will be the call again on Monday. There will be some fun waves at the point/reefs in the other areas (well except Santa Barbara)…but they will be smaller, less consistent, and lacking the punch you will see in the southern areas. I don’t think that it will be worth a ton of driving for surf through…the winds, and the fact that you will have to load up on an already crowded spot to get decent waves sort of lets the air out of driving too far. Personally I am going to check the cameras in the morning and see if there is enough windswell to break up the lovely walled section that has been down the beach in HB for the last week. (I am not holding my breath).

Oh on a completely random note and as a warning...I got to see Kung-Fu Panda for father’s day (well my 3-year old son and I got to see Kung-Fu Panda)…and I have to say…it was a pretty good flick, especially if you used to dig Saturday Night Kung-Fu Theater like I used to as a kid. I will probably be using obscure kung-fuisms and typing in broken english for the next several posts. (not that my written english isn't anything that I don't normally break).

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Jeffrey said...

Panda say: "There is no charge for awesomeness...or attractiveness."

Thanks for the clearly presented forecasts and the nice summary of San O'.