Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – SW swell with a side of eddy

Thursday will be a surf day…but it will be on the small side for most spots and there will be some texture thanks to a strengthening eddy.

In the water we will have a mix of holding SW swell and the ever-present local W windswell. Most spots will continue to see waist-high surf with some inconsistent chest high sets.
Standout SW facing breaks, mostly through South Orange County and San Diego, will have some chest-shoulder high waves sneaking through on the better tides.

Winds will be variable and slightly onshore for most areas tomorrow. The eddy is forecast to center over Palos Verdes/Long Beach tomorrow…which means that I am planning on seeing some light S winds for Orange County and San Diego and some light NW winds for Santa Barbara and Ventura. LA County, particularly the South Bay, will have variable winds…and likely slightly cleaner conditions.

I am not really seeing a “best” bet tomorrow…some spots will be better than others but nothing is really standing out comparatively. The bigger more consistent surf will show through San Diego and South OC but most of the best exposed breaks will likely have some of the eddy bump to it. The cleanest surf in those areas will be at spots that are protected from the S winds so I would probably check those first but even there I wouldn’t expect a whole lot from them. (man I am a downer). I guess where I am going with this is that there will be surf tomorrow…it won’t be great but it will be rideable. If you go with the right expectations you might be able to find a couple of decent ones.


Whateva'z said...

Ya, the south bay has been pretty good the last couple of days. I've noticed when the winds blow out of the south, it's straight offshore in the southbay. By the way, nice blog.

Adam Wright said...

Hey thanks!

Yeah the South Bay is actually a pretty good area to check when you have an eddy spinning over usually is at least variable if not offshore when the winds are out of the S-SE.

La Jolla/Scripps/Shores, the more northern parts of Ventura, and Dana Point/Creek (along with some of the Laguna breaks) are also good S wind spots.