Sunday, June 1, 2008

Surf for Monday – Home of the spicy chicken-jack swell combo thingee

Monday will have a few surfable waves. Again it won’t be anything super special but if you get a bit lucky with both the tides and the winds then you could have a fun little session.

Surfwise we are looking a mix of slowly fading S swell, some inconsistent background SW energy, and some local windswell (that has been doing the workhorse workload most of the weekend).

Most spots will continue to see surf in the knee-waist high range while the standouts, mostly in Orange County and parts of San Diego see chest-shoulder high sets.

Winds are still a bit iffy…just watching/feeling the wind this evening you can tell that it isn’t really ready to settle down. I expect that we will have mostly clean conditions in the morning with light/variable winds but a few of the more open beaches will have some light onshore texture. Expect onshore winds to build in around mid-morning and then continue to strengthen up to 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

Tide will sort of slop it up in the morning as well…there is a 3.7’ high that hits about 9:30am…so expect the dawn patrol to be on the boggy side.
Naturally we will be back into the frustrating race of the tide getting low enough, fast enough, in order to get the surf in better shape before the winds pick up and start to tear it up.

I think that your best bet is just going to be hitting up the local combo break…if you are close enough to North OC or North SD then it might be worth a check…but don’t waste your gas driving all over. Bring a board that can handle some semi-mushy shape…that way you might be able to pick off a few more clean ones while you are waiting for the tide to drop.

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