Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Morning Update – Thursday is sort of surfable!

Looks like there are a few waves showing out there this morning…it isn’t great but the decent windswell spots, particularly surf spots in San Diego, are seeing some workable sections.

Winds are light and variable and we have a lot of WNW windswell leftover from last night.

Here check out this chart…you can see where the windswell is leaking around point conception (the SE swell direction is wrong through…there is actually about 1.3-1.5 of SW swell showing at about 16-17 seconds…so the map should have a touch more light blue showing in some areas).

Anyway just thought I would drop a note since the surf had been so craptacular over the last couple of days. Hope you get a chance to ride a few.


pushingtide said...

Thanks for yesterday's super windy forecast for this mornin'. Everyone said it would be windy and chopped up but it was the glassiest I've seen it in awhile. And a lot of heads stayed home.

Anonymous said...

kinda fun at el porto today, but super crowded. was clean and waist high, super low tide didn't help too much though.

Adam Wright said...

Tide I think you were reading the forecast for Wednesday...I actually said that Thursday would be half-way decent.

If you scored on Wednesday then I am stoked for you because it was total poo in my neck of the woods.

Here is the link to the forecast for Thursday morning.

Anonymous said...

"craptacular" - now that is a word that needs to be used more in surf forecasting.

Adam Wright said...

I am actaully quite sad that no one mentioned my random "anchorman" quote on the swell map.