Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation and Long Range Surf Forecast

Hey gang I just wanted to give you a heads of my best friends is being deployed to Iraq (he flies a Blackhawk for the Army), so I am finally going to take a couple of days off to hang out (and throw a party naturally) with him before he ships out.

So I am posting a longer-range surf forecast for Southern California for the next few days...If my liver is still working at the end of this weekend I should be back and have an update for Monday's forecast. See you then!

Here is the forecast...there are not a lot of changes over the next few days...just plenty of SW swell (and local windswell)

Thursday - SW swell continues to hold and mix with some local WNW windswell. Most spots will see chest-shoulder high surf while the standout breaks in South Orange County and North San Diego see shoulder-head high+ sizes with some occasional overhead sets on the lower tides during the morning. Winds look ok in the morning, mostly variable but with a bit of that leftover windswell warble at the more open combo breaks. Afternoon winds build out of the W around 10-15 knots.

Friday - The morning will start off with holding SW swell and steady WNW windswell. New SW swell (200-220) begins filling in through midday with more long-period energy and will add some size and consistency to the top SW facing spots. Wave heights won't change all that much...still plenty of chest-shoulder high+ surf for the average SW facing breaks and decent combo spots. Standouts see more shoulder-high to overhead surf throughout the day. Conditions look clean again with light and variable winds in the morning and building onshore breeze by the afternoon.

Saturday - The SW'er from Friday will continue to hold throughout the day while it mixes with the leftovers from earlier in the week and the consistent but small local windswell. Wave heights again hold in the chest-shoulder high+ range for the average SW spots. Standouts see overhead sets through the morning tide push...but will become less consistent as the tide fills in and the swell slowly drops in the afternoon.

Sunday - The mix of SW swells finally starts to dip down a bit. There will still be some playful surf but most of the larger sets will have started to drop off. Look for mostly waist-chest high waves at the average exposed SW spots (and combo breaks). Standout spots, again in San Diego and Orange County, will have bigger chest-shoulder high waves through the morning with smaller and less consistent surf on tap through the afternoon.

Anyway hope this gets you through the next few days...have a great weekend! (Ha I am on Vacation!)

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