Thursday, June 12, 2008

Surfboard Riding on Friday the 13th – Hope you aren’t superstitious

Friday will be a surf day…much smaller than the beginning of the week but still fun.

Our SW swell will have backed down even further on Friday but it will continue to mix with some local WNW windswell energy and should still have enough juice to send in playful waves to the better SW facing spots.

The average SW breaks and average combo spots can expect surf to hold around waist-chest high through most of the day…with maybe a few chest high+ waves on the tide push midmorning.

Standout SW facing spots, again focusing mostly on San Diego and South Orange County, will have chest-shoulder high sets with a few head high peaks on the better tides.

Conditions generally look pretty good with mostly light and variable winds expected through the morning and moderate W winds around 12+ knots coming through during the afternoon.

Personally I think Friday is going to be a pretty fun surf day…there will be plenty of energy in the water, winds will be decent, is supposed to be warmer (weatherwise), and the water has warmed up quite a bit. Points and reefs in OC and SD will continue to see the biggest and generally the best looking surf…but beach breaks will continue to improve in shape thanks to the smaller swell and a little bit more windswell moving in to break it up. I would still expect some current along the open beaches (once water gets moving it sort of follows the path of least resistance until we really run out of swell energy)...but it shouldn’t be as bad as the last few days.

Watch out for ladders, black cats, mirrors, snake-eyes, splitting 10’s, and great white sharks (I hear those are pretty bad luck too).

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