Monday, November 12, 2007

WNW swell for this week (yeah it isn’t going to really show in SoCal)

Looks like our NPAC storms that were forecast to form over the weekend didn’t really live up to expectations. We will still be getting some more WNW energy this week but I am going to knock down wave heights just a touch from what I was thinking late last week.

At this point Northern and Central California still look pretty good. The swell arrives there tomorrow and should peak into Wednesday with 6-10’ surf at most breaks. Standouts will be bigger at times. Conditions look pretty good too.

SoCal will see a slow waist-high+ increase on Wednesday. Then it will build a bit further on Thursday and eventually peak on Friday with waist-chest high+ surf at the better exposed areas. Maybe a few shoulder high waves showing through San Diego.

There is some potential for a better swell later in the upcoming weekend but it looks like weather could be an issue as well. I will let you know as things come together.

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