Thursday, November 8, 2007

Friday’s Surf (looking a little blah)

Friday’s surf is looking a little blah…thanks mostly to local wind conditions and the morning high tide.

We will still have plenty of SW swell in the water leftover from early in the week so expect surfable size. Unfortunately there is a weak cold front that is expected to push down through SoCal on Friday setting up SW to W winds around 10 knots. Now the National Weather Service is calling for the front to move through later in the day so there may be some cleaner surfable pockets in the morning…but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Definitely check the cameras in the morning…if you are seeing a lot of bump (or trees blowing around) then I would probably go back to bed. If you don’t mind some bump and crumble…then I would probably head for a beach that is at least partially protected from the S-SW winds.


saimin said...

happy bday to adam! thanks for all the stellar forecasts. hope you scored some good waves today

Yong Jung said...

Happy birthday adam! How's saturday swell looking?

Adam Wright said...

Hey thanks guys!

It is nice to have a SW swell show up for a birthday!