Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Forecast: Big waves for Hawaii

Storm action in the North Pacific has cranked it up a couple of notches over the last few days. New storms near the western Aleutian's are kicking out a couple of decent-sized WNW swells for the Hawaiian Islands.

Looks like an initial shot of WNW swell (320-335) started to arrive today and will peak into tomorrow (Wed Nov 28th). This one looks good for 8-10’+ of deepwater swell at about 13-15 second periods, face size will probably be around 10-12-feet with some occasional 15-footers lurking in the big sets.

The second WNW swell (320-340+) hits on Saturday (Dec 1st) and looks like it will come in a bit stronger…deepwater wave heights will be closer to 14-15’ and periods will be around 15-16 seconds. I would look for the standout North Shore spots to see 12-15’ faces with some 18-20’ bombs mixing in at times.

Weather-wise things may get a little chunky on Saturday’s swell…winds are expected to shift Westerly around 10+ knots but there may be some SW flow to it, which would let Kona spots get really fun.

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