Thursday, November 1, 2007

Surfing on Friday

Friday morning will be a surf day. Winds will be light through most of the day…probably light offshore in the morning. We will have a mix of SW and NW swell in the water, and a new slightly better aimed WNW swell will move in slowly throughout the day.

You should be able to pick and choose your surf spot in the morning since most breaks will be rideable. I would still aim for breaks or areas that can handle a higher tide…that way you should have more surf time before the building tide shuts it down.

Like I said above winds are expected to remain on the light side through most of the day…cross your fingers, we may get a chance to surf in the afternoon as the tide drops.

The big SW’er for next week: Is still looking good…satellite passes are showing a lot of swell moving out of where the storm generated most of the heavy seas. Tahiti is already seeing some pretty big surf and Hawaii should get a decent dose in a couple of days. If I had unlimited funds (and a private jet…but those things usually go hand in hand), I would take a shot at getting some waves in Baja, Mainland Mexico, or Central America…it looks like a lot of energy is going to move into those regions. Oh and SoCal should have some decent size to…

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