Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Surfing on Wednesday

Wednesday’s surf will be very similar to Tuesday but with a little more juice in the water.

NW swell has crept up a little bit today and it should have more showing tomorrow. The majority of the swell is aimed at Northern/Central Cal…but there was just enough fetch in our window to send some waves to the well exposed breaks. Expect NW spots to have some knee-chest high waves while a couple of bigger sets sneak in at the top breaks.

Look for the biggest waves at breaks in both Ventura and San Diego. Other areas will generally be smaller but the standout winter breaks in those regions may still be fun. Shape will be fair…almost reminiscent of windswell...so look for breaks that like a shorter swell period.

Winds and weather are looking decent. Mostly light to light-offshore conditions in the morning…and light onshore winds around 10+ knots during the afternoon.

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