Thursday, November 29, 2007

Friday’s Surf

Our WNW swell came up a notch on Thursday and it will continue to slowly build into Friday. We will also have some small SW swell and some increasing local windswell in the water.

Expect surf in the waist high+ range at most spots…while standout WNW-NW spots see some chest-shoulder high+ waves on either side of the high tide. Like the last few days the biggest waves will be in San Diego and parts of Ventura.

Winds are expected to stay on the light side through the morning but a new cold front starts pushing through the area in the afternoon and will increase onshore winds out of the W-WSW (and bring in a chance of showers).

I think it will be worth a check in the morning (don’t drive very far)…but watch the tides and the winds as we head into the afternoon.


Yong Jung said...

It seems like friday's going to have a light shower rain. Do you think it is worth going out at saturday? After all those waste piling up in the ocean. Light shower... hmm. I haven't lived in california long so I don't have much knowledge on the bacteria level of after-rain effect.

Adam Wright said...


It looks like the rain is going to come in a bit heavier than forecast. I think water quality will be pretty bad on Saturday.

The general rule of thumb for rain/water quality is that you should wait 2-3 days (OC Health Board says 3 days). This is particularly true when we haven't had rain in a while.

Hope this helps