Monday, November 19, 2007

Surf on Tuesday (only 2 days till Turkey!)

Tuesday is looking fun…very similar to Monday…just a little smaller and probably a little cleaner.

We will have a mix of holding/slowly dropping WNW swell and some background SW swell. Most areas will have waves around waist-chest high. Standout WNW spots…mostly good winter breaks…will have some shoulder high sets.
Winds look good too…expect mostly light SE-ESE winds in the morning with some light onshore texture in the afternoon. There may be some patchy fog in the morning too but it may break up later in the day.

Your best bet for surf will be the “winter” spots in Ventura, San Diego, the South Bay, and North OC. I think the beach breaks in those areas…particularly ones with decent sandbars…will have the best shape. I would watch out for the high tide in the morning. It will bog things down for the dawn patrol…mid-morning through lunchtime may be a better call.

Looks like another little boost of WNW energy will come through on we should have fun playful surf…and decent conditions through the middle of the week.


Yong Jung said...

How's turkey day looking?

Adam Wright said...

It looks fun...similar to what we have been seeing all week. I think Friday will be a little bigger with better winds...but I will probably surf on both days.