Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Surfing on Wednesday (the new SW swell peaks)

Wednesday will see the peak of our new SW swell (it will actually start peaking late on Tuesday night but since most of us don’t have night vision goggles it doesn’t really count.)

SW facing, traditionally summer points and reef breaks will have the best shape on this swell…particularly points and reefs that can handle a little more size and higher tides. Biggest waves will show through San Diego and Orange County but expect some playful+ sizes at the top summer spots in the other regions as well.

Unfortunately the more open beach breaks will be fairly walled with a lot of current to paddle against, which is not sounding like a lot of fun. Now if you have a ridiculously large sand bar or some sort of jetty/pier/crashed-container ship/rock/or sunken pirate galleon or something nearby it may be worth a check…it probably won’t be as good as the summer points but it may have a few corners as the tide switches around.

Hey if you get some good pictures of this swell send them my way…I will post them (will full credit to you of course) on the blog somewhere.

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