Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving surf report

Hey Gang!

Well the website is down this morning, but they are working on getting it up shortly.

Anyway I just thought I would post the morning report here... This applies to pretty much everywere...but expect slightly bigger morning surf in San Diego.

Posted Thursday at 7:15am
Happy Thanksgiving! For the surf this morning we are seeing a mix of WNW energy...both longer-period and local windswell. Unfotunately the tide is burying most of it. Average spots are holding in the knee-high+ range while the best standouts are seeing some waist-chest high+ sets.

There is a new NW swell moving down the coast that will start filling in through the afternoon. Look for it to reach SB/Ventura around mid-afternoon and the rest of SoCal by the evening. Looks like it will show the best waves on Friday.

Conditions: Clean and glassy with mostly light variable winds. Look for light winds around 10-knots to develop through the afternoon.

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