Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend Waves: Fun mix of swells

I think this weekend is going to be fun. We will have a mix of WNW swells on Saturday and then on Sunday a new SW’er will jump into the mix. None of these swells are looking huge but we will have consistent surf in the waist-chest high+ range while standout spots see shoulder-head high+ sets. Look for the swell mix to continue to hold similar surf into Monday before dropping.

Conditions look ok as well. Light winds are expected for the mornings and light-onshore winds build in through the afternoons. If you have a protected spot it should stay surfable most of the day.

Biggest, and probably best, waves will show through Ventura and San Diego counties on Saturday. Sunday more spots will gain a little size as the WNW energy gets a little more westerly and the new SW swell moves in to flesh out some of the shadowed breaks. On Sunday you should be able to find fun surf at most of the combo breaks throughout SoCal, while the biggest waves will be showing through most of San Diego (and Northern Baja).

Next update will be on Monday…have a great weekend!

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