Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday's Surf - Best waves at NW spots

Thursday should be pretty fun…not a ton of swell in the water but enough that you can find a couple of shoulder high waves at the top spots.

We will actually have leftover NW swell showing in the morning and then a new, better-aimed WNW’er moving in late in the afternoon. Look for the better NW facing breaks in San Diego and Ventura to see waist-shoulder high surf with some inconsistent larger sets. Other areas will be smaller and less consistent.

Winds should be good as well…mostly light/variable through the morning and only light onshore through the afternoon.

The swell angle on the NW’er is pretty steep…so really look for the best surf at spots in San Diego and Ventura…and try and avoid areas like North LA and most of Santa Barbara, which will be shadowed.


John said...

Adam - dig the new format and the insight. Considering the swell angle and tides, which breaks will be best for the mornings in North OC (Thu/Fri)? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Adam Wright said...


Hey man thanks for the Kudos!

As for North OC...pretty much most of HB will be fun. It will be bigger up toward the cliffs but it should be rideable all the way down through State Beach and then start to lose a bunch of size as you head into Newport.

I surfed this morning in State Beach and the tides weren't much of an issue...I think there will be enough size on Friday that the good sandbars should be able to work through most of the morning.

Hope this helps!