Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thursday’s surf

Surfing on Thursday will be almost exactly like surfing on Wednesday. The SW swell will be past its peak but should still be going strong. There still won’t be enough other swell in the water to break it up…so beach breaks will be pretty walled up (with a few corners here and there). And again the best call will be the SW facing points and reefs that like a good-sized SW swell and a higher morning tide.

If you are going to hunt around for waves…you will find the biggest surf in OC and San Diego, basically between Newport Beach and La Jolla. Other areas will still be fun but they will miss that last little bit of energy that OC and SD are seeing.

The top points/reefs are going to be pretty crowded (stupid surf forecasters!) but I think there is still enough energy in this swell that it may be worth looking at the B and C-class waves as well…there is probably a good chance that you could find a couple of corners coming through without to many people out.


Anonymous said...

I'm really diggin' these surf reports/forecasts, you do a great job! The more personal feel is what I like, and you keep it down to earth and lay it out how its really going to be. The surf was great Tuesday and Wednesday, thanks for doing these forecasts!

Adam Wright said...

Thanks Jacob...I really do appreciate it and I am stoked you scored.

I am glad you like the format as well. I have always felt that many forecast sites go into information overload, when all we want to know is should I surf tomorrow. I get a little weather-geeky myself sometimes but I will try and keep it mellow.